Let’s talk about the side effects of a colon cleanse. Obviously you’ll put yourself on the path to renewed health and energy. But since you’ve accumulated so many toxins in your body from years of fecal matter adhering to your bowels, you will probably experience a few negative side effects – especially in the beginning.

Beneficial Side Effects from a Colon Cleanse

Some of the beneficial side effects that come from a sustained colon cleanse include boosted energy levels and great skin.  These positive effects are not guaranteed to last forever as many people simply revert back to their ordinary lifestyle afterwards. 

The way to truly reap the benefits of a colon cleanse is to sustain the maintenance required for good health.  Over time, the side effects most noted after a colon cleanse are clear, smooth skin, weight loss, shiny hair, a flatter stomach and less headaches.  People who suffer from bad skin, lifeless hair, bloating, gas, cramps, irritable bowels, constipation, headaches, lethargy and a wide range of other conditions can benefit from a colon cleanse.  It is as if a weight is lifted off some people after they have had a colon cleanse. All of the toxins are now regularly flushed out of your body.  An overall feeling of good health and vitality is just one of the many beneficial side effects noticed after a colon cleanse regime.

Negative Colon Cleanse Side Effects

Although a colon cleanse can be an excellent tool to improve the condition and functions of the bowels and colon, there are often some bad aspects to overcome first.  The negative side effects of a colon cleanse depend on the speed of the detoxification. As the toxins start to pour out of your cells they can cause migraines, nausea, flu like symptoms and even anxiety. 

Before undergoing a colon cleanse, it is important that you are fully aware of the various side effects that could negatively influence the body and mind.  These side effects occur during and after a colon cleanse simply because the body goes into a type of shock as it is detoxified and cleaned.

The shorter the cleansing process, the more serious the symptoms can be, even leading to a deep yet short lived depression.  The worst part tends to be over within a week and is nothing compared to the beneficial side effects of a colon cleanse.  Things seem to get worse before they get better as the body is subjected to a sudden yet necessary clean out. 

The more unhealthy your lifestyle has been, the deeper the shock when your body releases all those toxic residues.  Rapid cleansing can cause some punishing side effects but a colon cleanse does not need to be so dramatic.  If you keep your body in a moderately healthy condition between each cleansing process, you’ll notice that it gets easier all the time as this makes the detoxification less of a trauma to your system.

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